bridgewater state university residence hall license agreement

The hall is located on East Campus behind DiNardo Hall. The hall is located on East Campus next to the Parking Garage and Stonehouse Hall. Formal appeals for individual damage charges may be addressed in writing to the Office of Residence Life and Housing via email to. All furniture must have a Cal 117 or Cal 133 tag on the piece of furniture. Bridgewater offers students the opportunity to live with other students regardless of their assigned gender, gender identity or expression. No decoration may impede emergency access or exit in rooms, hallways or public areas. Bridgewater State University Summary. One refrigerator (up to 1.4 total amps or no more than 3.2 cubic feet), Sunday evening - Friday morning: 9pm - 8am, Friday evening - Sunday morning: 12am - 10am. Winter and spring break housing is available for an additional fee. Hall and Dining Services Agreement, UI Residential Connection Privilege Agreement, the Fire Safety Regulations, and all state and federal laws . The housing deposit is nonrefundable, unless the university is unable to provide a room after accepting the deposit. LaundryView is also available for residents. Eligibility Housing eligibility is at the University's sole discretion. Students who need to enter a residence hall due to an emergency should contact university police for permission to enter and to arrange for an escort. Standard Rooms with Shared Single-Sex Bathrooms; Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Each Floor in Shea Hall. The staff in Residence Life & Housing partners with faculty to create a true living and learning environment conveniently located in a residence hall community. for the proper cleaning and maintenance. Complete the summer conference inquiry form to request a reservation BRIDGEWATER, Mass. Specific features for each building can be found below. All resident students receive mail at Mail Services. If a student withdraws from all classes, or withdraws from Bridgewater State University, they must contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing to formally check out of their room and vacate the residence halls within 24 hours. A. OFFER/LICENSE The Residence Hall Room and Meal Plan License Agreement ("Agreement") creates a license for the Student to use campus housing and is not a lease. Standard Rooms with Shared Single-Sex Bathrooms, Upper Class, First Year, First-Year Residential Learning Community. III. New students who are interested in living in a gender inclusive living environment will have the option to indicate this preference on their residence hall license agreement. Rooms designated as "additional occupancy" have one extra bed. Living in an LLC affords students the chance to connect their academic goals with their cocurricular interests. The resident agrees, upon reasonable notice, to remove personal belongings during any break period. Help is available in the Office of Residence Life and Housing via phone 508.531.1277 or email at. bridgewater state university residence hall license agreement. This is achieved through community development and governance within the residence halls in partnership with the Office of Residence Life and Housing. New students in this process can select from any available bed in our first year residence halls. Bridgewater State University is an inclusive community dedicated to the lifelong success of all students, focused on the continuous improvement of its people, and responsible for leading innovation that benefits Southeastern Massachusetts, the commonwealth, and the world. Prohibited items may be confiscated, which may result in a referral to the Office of Community Standards. Applications and information regarding summer housing is available on the Office of Residence Life and Housings website at: Students may petition to be released from the Residence Hall License Agreement if they can demonstrate an inability to fulfill the terms of the agreement due to an extenuating circumstance: The online petition form can be located on the Office of Residence Life and Housings website under: Students who are granted a release from the Residence Hall License Agreement will be awarded a refund for housing as follows: 100 percent refund prior to the first day of scheduled occupancy, Prorated refunds from the first day of occupancy until Monday after the last day of the drop/add period. Work orders can be submitted for such things as light bulb burned out, furniture malfunction, or any problem encountered in a room. Students who are 21 and over are allowed to have limited amounts of alcohol. This residence hall is located on West Campus next to Harrington Hall and across the street from Scott Hall and the Boyden Quadrangle. Studentswho opt to not participate in our Living-Learning Communities will select housing from our online room selection process. Shea Hall and Durgin Hall, both co-ed residences with some single-sex floors, housing approximately 658 first-year residents on five floors. West Campus All students are advised to carry personal property insurance. Students may complete a Room Change Request form in the. Student Financial Responsibility Agreement. If a temporary card is lost or not returned, the student may be billed $25 to replace the card. The Connect Card is the university library card and is used to control access to residence halls. The number for laundry related problems is 1-800-MAC-GRAY. L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium, also known as L&N Stadium and formerly known as Cardinal Stadium and Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, is a football stadium located in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, on the southern end of the campus of the University of Louisville.Debuting in 1998, it serves as the home of the Louisville Cardinals football program. bridgewater state university residence hall license agreement. Approximately 1,300 undergraduate students live on campus in 11 residence halls, which are differentiated by type of rooms and living arrangements and the class standing of residents. The housing deposit is nonrefundable, unless the university is unable to provide a room after accepting the deposit. Students who contract for Break Stay Housing are responsible for the full cost of the contract whether or not they choose to remain on campus during the break periods. Prior to registration, . Current resident students who have paid a $250 housing deposit and completed the required Residence HallLicense Agreement by the stated deadline. Nails, tacks, pins, screws, scotch tape, Command Strips (and the like) and duct tape are damaging, and their use may lead to damage charges. Bridgewater, MA 02325. Shea and Durgin Halls are both co-ed, five-story residence halls with some single-sex floors, and combined, house approximately 700 students. Upper Great Hill (East Campus) Upper Class, First Year, Upper-Class Residential Learning Community, First-Year Residential Learning Community. by | Jul 3, 2022 | astrophysics vs aerospace engineering salary | yorgos karamihos wife | Jul 3, 2022 | astrophysics vs aerospace engineering salary | yorgos karamihos wife Quiet Living:This floor is for students who are looking to live in a quiet environment. Students who would like to request a room change must first set up a meeting with their RD or AC to discuss the situation before a room change request should be completed. If a student is locked out they should locate a Residential Safety Officer, Area Coordinator, Resident Director, Resident Assistant, Student Security Officer or Office Assistant. When a malicious false fire alarm occurs: Bridgewater State University offers a $500 reward to any person(s) providing information to university police that result in a finding of responsibility of any individual(s) causing a false fire alarm in a campus building. Obtain prior approval from the Office of Residence Life and Housing by signing an agreement indicating that the host student is (a) eighteen (18) years of age or older; and (b) has responsibility for the care, custody, and control of the minor while on University property. Geplaatst op 3 juli 2022 door We also offer summer housing during the two summer sessions. We look forward to working with you to make your on-campus experience a positive one. 1. Tampering with fire safety equipment is prohibited. If the residents cannot successfully resolve the matter, a Residence Life and Housing staff member can be requested to assist. This LLC provides students with a supportive environment as they explore important social issues and injustices through the lens of community engagement. Research has shown that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their overall experience, perform better academically and graduate at higher rates. Do not hang anything from them or cover them in any way. Residents are responsible for leaving their room in the move-in condition upon check out. Non-student guests under the age of 16 are not required to present a photo ID to be signed in. Suite Style with Private Bath; Gender Neutral Bathrooms on First Floor, Air Conditioning, Study Lounge on Each Floor, Kitchen on Ground Floor, Game Room. Students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Smoke detectors are also very sensitive. Provided general day to day management of assigned residence hall. The hall is located on the Great Hill. Make sure that you leave your heating vents clear of any furniture. The BRISTACO Chapter of NRHH works hard to establish and maintain good community on campus and in the residence halls, promote leadership by example, and work to give back to our surrounding community as well. University, a state institution of higher education. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) at Bridgewater State University is a student-run organization dedicated to enhancing the residential experience. Box Score; Salve Regina. Students may choose this option by completing and signing a voluntary additional occupancy form provided by the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Attend BSU for roughly a third of the cost of most private colleges - and with the Horace Mann Scholarship, attending is more affordable than ever . See the Student Handbook for more details on policies and rules pertaining to BSU Residence Halls. Residents should never assume that if they have not been confronted, that elevated noise level is acceptable. Can I request a specific roommate? You can do so in MyHousing or by contacting the Parking and Connect Card Office. Overnight visitors cannot visit for more than 3 consecutive nights in any 7-day period. University Park (East Campus) This building houses over 400 students. Residents are also required to pay a ResNet fee and a Resident Student Activity Fee each semester. Residence Life and Housing offers a variety of jobs for residential students, including: Mail is not delivered to the Residence Halls, however, all mail can be collected at Mail Services in Tillinghast Hall, Room 022. Scott Hall, a co-ed residence, houses 269 students, both first-year and upper-class students on five floors. All residents and guests must promptly exit the building when a fire alarm sounds, regardless of whether it is a fire drill, false activation or actual fire. The ISTC encourages all participants to support each other in growth towards increased independence, social development and academic confidence. It will not make a difference in your selection time. The Bridgewater State University women's lacrosse team downed visiting Salve Regina University, 15-5, in a non-conferen. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Students retrieving mail or packages should bring their ID. Weygand Hall is a co-ed residence that houses 500 upper-class students on five floors. The Wellness Center, providing health and counseling services, is on the ground floor. They either assist directly or provide referrals for questions or concerns with academics, safety and security, physical or mental health, and other topics which are a part of living on-campus. TitleAssociate Director. The Residence Hall License contains important information on refunds, fees, policies and prohibited items. peter gatien wife bridgewater state university residence hall license agreement. Always have a backup plan. Placing furniture directly in front of the vents does not allow the air to circulate and your rooms will not heat properly. Healthy Living:Looking to live in a healthy environment? Students are responsible for carrying their Connect Card with them at all times. The clinic provides walk-in and scheduled counseling appointments; scheduled health service appointments; and diagnostic tests for streptococcus and mononucleosis, among other conditions. TERM: The term of this Residence Hall License Agreement is for the entire fall and spring semester of the academic year and shall terminate on the day of the resident's last regularly scheduled final Suite Style with Living Room and Private Bath; Gender Neutral Bathrooms on the First Floor, Air Conditioning, Study Lounge on Each Floor, Kitchen on Each Floor, Game Room. Pay attention to Deadlines. , useful tips and resources for parents and families. In the online room selection process you may fill the entire suite although you do not have to. There are a host of exciting opportunities and benefits of being part of our on-campus community, and we're here to make sure you take advantage of them all. Our programming of 125+ HD channels include sports channels and many other favorites. The most common suite configuration is two double rooms. The university reserves the right to immediately terminate the residence hall license agreement of any of the occupants whose room or apartment has excessive damage or loss. Visitors, even if over 21 years of age, may not bring alcoholic beverages onto campus (including the Great Hill Student Apartments). All resident students pay a $5.00 Building Maintenance Fee each semester to cover the cost of maintenance, cleanup and repair of these common use areas. All eligible students are randomly assigned a selection time by class year and gender. You cannot go back in to the system to pull someone in after you have finalized your selection. The Flynn Dining Commons and the Bear's Den are nearby. Rooms are arranged as doubles and/or triples and share a common room. We recommend purchasing a 6' x 9' rug. If a Connect Card is lost, the student will be billed $25 by the Parking and Connect Card Office to replace the card. In the event that the university must clean a room, suite or apartment beyond reasonable use, wear and tear, the resident(s) will be assessed a cleaning charge. No, selection times are not transferable. For more information contact the Parking Services and Connect Card Office at 508.531.2897. View the residence hall living costs. The BSU Wellness Center, located in Weygand Hall, provides medical and mental health services to all students. Incurred damage costs are equally split among the residents of the floor/wing/stairwell/building and assessed to students' accounts. All new students will select their housing assignment in mid-July. Each room is furnished with Extra-long, twin-sized beds (mattress size 36x80). All damage charges will be assessed to the resident within thirty (30) days of the expiration of the term of the residence hall license agreement. Resident assistants are on duty between 7pm and 7am each day of the week and 7pm and 9am on the weekends. Current on-campus residents can request to remain in their room during the winter break, at a cost of $35 per day. ResNet Cinema allows students on-campus to stream newly released movies through our on-demand website, as well as on BSU cable TV channels. In the license agreement student will also select their meal plan, more information about meal plans can be found on the Parking and Connect Card site. Please note: Anyone staying for academic reasons will not be charged as long as we can verify it with a BSU faculty or staff member. This fee goes toward planning educational and engaging programs for residential students, as well as funding residential leadership . Hosts are responsible for their visitors conduct and are liable for any damage done to university property or violation of university policy committed by the visitor. Lower Great Hill (East Campus) Bridgewater, MA 02325. You may take as long as you like. Bridgewater State University reserves the right to change policies and procedures at any time in the interests of safeguarding public health, Reviewed and Revised 8.22 by Justin McCauley, Office of Residence Life & Housing, Bridgewater State University Sign online Residence Hall License Agreement emailed to your BSU email, ToParticipate, student must not have selected a space during anther phase of the room selection process (LLCs,Optional Housing Opportunities, or Gender Inclusive Housing), Students may select a room at any time after their selection time is activated. If you are locked out, locate a Resident Assistant who will let you into your room upon verifying with the roster. Miles Hall, a co-ed residence, houses upper-class students on four floors. Both the tuition deposit and residence hall deposit are nonrefundable. Any type of sports or sports-related activities (such as bouncing a basketball) is prohibited at all times. Reminder emails will be sent regarding important dates. To qualify, a student must be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen and must also maintain satisfactory academic progress. The Flynn Dining Commons and the Bear's Den are located nearby. Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students with the opportunity to live among others with similar interests and academic focuses. Approximately 2,700 students live on campus in 11 residence halls, which are differentiated by type of rooms and living arrangements and the class standing of residents. ?6'(%5 y^ ^"J^ ^ > .N f ei^rietta f^ni^. Resident students that require accommodations in the event of an emergency evacuation need to contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing to create a plan to ensure their safety in the case of an emergency evacuation. There are occasions when first year student could be assigned to another residence hall on campus. In some buildings, larger built-in closets are shared by the residents. Waste materials, including empty bottles, cans and trash, should be removed regularly and disposed of or recycled in receptacles provided within each residence hall. Only ESAs that have been approved will be permitted in the student's University residence hall room. However, Bridgewater State University (BSU) dorms are similar to most college housing options. Grounds and Custodial ServicesDepartment Summary Bridgewater State University is an inclusive community dedicated to the lifelong success of all students, focused on the . For student participating in a BSU sponsored study abroad program you will need to follow the steps on the study abroad website to be sure you complete all paperwork and let Residence Life and Housing know you are leaving and when you are coming back to housing. ROOM AND MEAL PLAN SELECTIONS bridgewater state university residence hall license agreement. Crimson Hall Crimson Hall is an upperclassmen dorm that is on campus. Students living in ISTC foster a living environment that promotes kindness and acceptance. --The Bridgewater State University Athletics Hall of Fame Committee has announced the members of its 24th induction class to be enshrined during Homecoming Weekend in October.Rick Battistini, '77, Frank Cammisa, '11, Adam Camobreco, '05, Barry Gorman, '08, Laurie O'Connell, '88, Molly Rouillard, '13, Amber White, '14, and Jenna Williamson, '14 will officially enter the Hall . A $250 housing deposit and a completed Residence Hall License Agreement are required to be considered for a room assignment. Our license agreement states that Bridgwater State University is not responsible for personal property owned by resident students. No photocopies or pictures of IDs are acceptable in the place of a physical form of identification. Housing License agreements are typically for the academic year only and do not include residency during winter and spring break. No one may re-enter the building until directed to do so by university officials or the police department. All Rights Reserved, 131 Summer Street, Boyden Hall - Room 106, Parking Lot - Please stay off the sidewalk, Stearns Botanical Garden - between Pope Hall and DMF Math and Science Building, Shea/Durgin Parking Lot - in front of the building and across the street, The Moore Garden adjacent to Stonehouse Hall, On the grass in front of Stonehouse Hall and East Campus Commons. Weygand is home to the Upper-Class Residential Learning Communities. Floors should be washed and rugs vacuumed regularly. Bridgewater State University Each student room is equipped with a lock and residents are issued an access card. Each residence hall room has its own thermostat control and you and your roommate can control your own room temperature. 2. Description. All residential students will see the $100 residential programming in Owl Express. Even if an alarm stops sounding students must wait for university officials to allow re-entry into the building. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of Bridgewater State University (BSU), and every one is different. The contract runs from the first day of occupancy for the fall semester through the date that the residence halls close for the year in Massachusetts. For safety and maintenance reasons nothing may be posted on, or affixed to, doors, windows, heaters, ceilings, fire safety equipment or room furnishings. All entrance doors are locked 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Each room will be inspected by the Residence Life and Housing staff prior to occupancy, during scheduled health and safety inspections, and also upon termination of occupancy. The unauthorized possession of university-owned furniture, or unauthorized furniture within a student space, may result in a referral to the Office of Community Standards. English: Boyden Hall, Bridgewater State University. Residence Life Programming Fee. Agreement. Violations of the visitor policy may result in a referral to the Office of Community Standards. At times the demand for housing at Bridgewater State University exceeds the number of spaces available for resident students. does febreze air freshener expire, does zara tindall have bodyguards,

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